Eyelash Serum Comparison Review

Eyelash SerumThis eyelash serum comparison review has been created on the basis of a number of tests carried out at the second half of 2014. Each product has been tested by independent beautician and make up artists with a long working experience. A group of 100 professionals gathered their knowledge and experience with each eyelash serum to ease women choosing the product crafted for their needs and expectations.

To select the best products on the market, experts were taking into consideration serum effectiveness, treatment time, application method, side effects, and the applicator type. What was also very important was the price and availability of each tested enhancer.

Eyelash serum – What is that? 
Eyelash serum’s role is to make our lashes to grow longer, thicker, much stronger, and healthier. Each product is created in special laboratories and they should meet all the highest standards. They underwent numerous tests to prove they are safe and gentle to the skin. It is important to exclude all possible side effects and to create the eyelash serum from natural ingredients.

Eyelash serum – How does it work?
Quick and effectively. The secret to the enhancer’s effectiveness are the ingredients and the applicator type. Almost all eyelash serum contains Vitamin E,B5, creatin and hyaluronic acid. If the product also has essential oils for fruits or seeds that meant that your lashes are going to be well hydrated and shiner. The second aspect responsible for effectiveness of the eyelash serum is the type of the applicator. The best ones are very small and they have a pointy brush with synthetic bristles. With the help of this tiny wand, we apply the serum directly on the upper and lower lash line. The active agents can freely penetrate through thin skin and nourish the lash follicles. As a result, lashes start growing long and very thick.

Eyelash serum –Is it safe?
Each lash enhancer has to be tested before it can be stocked up on shops’ shelves. The ingredients are gentle and safe to our eyes and the skin around it. If you are very sensitive, it is best to test the product first on the back of the wrist. Moreover, if you are mum-to-be or breastfeeding woman you should not use the eyelash serum. People who are undergoing chemo/radiotherapy and under aged are not recommended using the lash enhancers.

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